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Wednesday, August 14th, 2002

Been mostly coasting along the past few weeks, working, hanging out with friends… nothing much to report really.

My dual-Athlon workstation is still busted, though only because I haven’t found the 4-6 hours probably necessary to isolate the problem. It started acting up—crashing randomly minutes after booting Windows—not long after I upgraded video card… though using the tools at my disposal I’ve determined that the problem itself is unrelated to the new vidcard. Unfortunately my Web searches have turned up nothing about the symptoms I’m seeing, so I have no other recourse than to pull out pieces of hardware until (hopefully) the problem goes away, thereby isolating what hardware is causing the problem.

In the meantime I was able to boot the system long enough to transfer my Neverwinter Nights saved-game data off to my secondary system. I played NWN on the latter and finished the game about three weeks ago in fact.

Being one’s own “IT department” has its upside and downside. The former being that I don’t have to put up with any stupid IT decisions and policies (is it me or do all IT people eventually turn into tinpot dictators?); the latter being that—well—I have to fix all my own problems. The fun and novelty aspect of the latter has kind of worn off after ten years of maintaining and building my own personal computers and I’m really starting to come around to the philosophy that having fewer computers—and smaller, simpler ones—is a good thing.