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Fone Fun

Friday, May 21st, 2004

Ever wanted to find a mnemonic for your phone number (e.g. 1-800-DIAL-NOW)? Or find out what the phone number was from a sound clip of someone dialing? has you covered!

SCCA Solo National Tour

Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

Participated in the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Tour autocross competition last weekend. Got to meet veteran autocrossers from all over the country (well, mostly the western states) and hang out with some of the SFR region regulars. Good times.

As for the autocross itself, I did about as well as I’d expected. Meaning that, racing on street tires (to everyone else’s R-compound racing tires) against people with five to thirty years of autocrossing experience, I finished dead-last. I nevertheless enjoyed myself and got a kick out of watching such a large number of amazingly well-driven cars, including a number of Evos.

An unexpected boon was the following “cool” photo captured by Doug Richardson of me cornering hard through the showcase turn on Saturday:

[photo of my car doing a big wheel lift]

Of course, I also had the camcorder mounted to capture videos of all my runs: