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5-year watch

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

[photo of my new watch (front)]

Received my “5-year watch” last week; this was a gift from the company for employees who’ve worked here for over five years. The choice of the watch is up to the individual; traditionally these have been Omega watches but over the years people have gradually chipped away at this trend so although they still try to steer you towards getting an Omega, you can now easily choose something else without a hassle. In my case I chose the Class Sport from Zénith featuring a Zénith El Primero automatic chronograph movement.

I’ve been wrestling with the decision for months and considering it for years; originally I wanted an automatic (self-winding) skeleton watch—one with the mechanical movement visible from the front of the watch—but found that these watches were all priced far below or far above the price range in which I was looking. With much prodding and guidance from my friend Sandy—an ardent watch enthusiast—I shopped around and considered hundreds of different watches. I made my final decision independently though it was in part because I’d heard good things about Zénith; it’s not “exactly” the watch I wanted but I’m very happy with my choice nonetheless.

[photo of my new watch (back)]