January, 2005

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I must have this car

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005

Intending to get into rallying this year, I’ve been looking for a suitable rally car for the past few months. Now, the advice the beginning rallyist gets from everybody in the know, is that you should try if at all possible to buy someone’s existing rally car, rather than trying to build your own. Generally speaking, prepping a rally car from scratch (overhauling the suspension, installing a rollcage, racing seats and other safety equipment, and various other modifications to the car) will cost over twice as much as buying one already prepared; plus, the previous owner will have sorted out many of the problems you’d run into with a newly-built and untested car.

The fast few weeks I’ve been bemoaning the fact that now that I actually have cash in hand to buy a rally car, there are none available that suit my fancy. And so I’d been looking at buying a 1991-1993 Golf GTI, or a Volkswagen Corrado, two cars with a decent amount “zip” in them in stock form that have proven to be rally-worthy cars. Not much luck there either; it seemed there were plenty for sale before the holidays, and much fewer now.

Then yesterday, this showed up on Ben’s Rally Classified Ads:

[rally 'Rado photo]

A fully rally-prepared, supercharged 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60—i.e., exactly the car I’ve been looking for, for the right price, and not too far away (Flagstaff, Arizona—which I’ve previously visited, incidentally). Now if only I could only get in contact with the seller…