January, 2006

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Holding about a 4-to-1 ratio…

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

… in the scammers to legitimate enquiries about my rally car, that is. No real prospects for a sale yet, but I didn’t expect something like this would sell quickly anyway.

In other car news:

  • New WORKS O2 housing (turbo turbine outlet), Zeitronix wideband oxygen (air/fuel ratio) sensor, and ECU+ piggyback ECU are now installed in the Evo. I’m awaiting on a fix to a small radiator puncture before I can start playing with the ECU+. In a week or two I’ll rent a couple hours of time on the dyno to do some proper tuning. I’m hoping for around 280 horsepower to the wheels, which would equate roughly to around 350 horses at the crank.

  • Also on the Evo: I now have all the bits and pieces to install my new Cobra racing seat. Getting all the necessary parts has been a challenge because there are no totally “bolt-in” seat solutions for the Evo; some amount of custom fabrication is invariably needed to make all the pieces fit together.

  • With the radiator out, I’ve got easy access to the A/C condenser and the A/C compressor. So I’ve decided to take the opportunity to remove the air conditioning from the Evo, taking another 30-40 pounds off the car

  • Did a two-day track event with Speed Ventures down at the Streets of Willow Springs, where I met Brian Goodwin of Good-Win Racing, a major Miata parts vendor. I was favourably impressed by Brian (himself a very capable race driver) and last week, ordered Good-Win Racing’s “Autocross ‘Stock’ Class Performance” package which includes Koni adjustable shocks, front swaybar, exhaust and intake filter. I installed the exhaust a few days ago and couldn’t be happier with it; the suspension pieces will go on this week as soon as I can get the Evo out of the garage. This will make the Miata mostly “done” for C Stock autocross class; I’m still planning on doing the Miata Sport conversion but since all the Sport option components need to go on the car at the same time, it will be a while before I have all the parts gathered.

  • The Evo will return to action at the world-famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on February 20, at a track day run by the Golden Gate Lotus Club.

Next up, scammer #4

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

jimhoward2006@yahoo.ca claims to be from Canada. Shame on you Jim for trying to rip off a fellow Canadian!

Scammers 3, racers 1

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Thus sums the response to my ad so far: 3 lame-ass scam attempts, 1 legitimate interested party. I suppose I’m surprised to have even received one legitimate reply so far given I only posted the car yesterday.

derayonline@yahoo.com and smithmichael19@yahoo.com, you suck. I hope you die and rot in whatever hell you believe in. (Well that goes without saying I suppose.)

Why do scammers like Yahoo mail so much, I wonder?

mark12_james@yahoo.com, you suck!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Not an hour passes after I post the rally car ad up, and I get the following E-mail:

From: mark james (mark12_james@yahoo.com)

Good day to you, i am mr john and was passing by adverts on internet just
saw that you want to sell car so i am very intrested in it and will like to
buy it i am a serious buyer and will like you to get back to me tell me
about the condition and then tell me how is works,the asking price and the
pics as well so that we can proceed on it.

Of course anyone with the least bit of Internet savvy would recognize this as the opening salvo of the well-known car-buying scam. As far as scammers go, this so called “Mark” or “James” or “John” was particularly lame as he neglects to even mention a single detail about my car.

I replied by offering to report him to the FBI.

Dream postponed

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Under continuing pressure from my housemate, and having no place to store it and not enough time to work on it, I put the rally car up for sale.

Realistically speaking, Northern California is just about the best place to be to get into roadracing (due to wide availability of racetrack venues, the car-friendly weather year-round, sheer number of racing clubs, vendors, etc.), and about the worst place to be for rallying: events are far away (and the nearest ones are reputed “car breakers”), laws make it extremely problematic to register a rally-prepped car (as required). So maybe it’s just as well that I focus my efforts on the former, for the time being…

A year older…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

… than I was a year ago, I guess. Technically I’m only 2 days older than when I was 30.

You’d think the shock of being in your thirties would have worn off again… you’d think.

Reverse gear is the devil’s invention

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Two things that easily slip your mind when you’ve had less than 3 hours of sleep:

  1. Check your mirrors carefully as you back out of the driveway.
  2. Your housemate parked his M3, half blocking the driveway behind your Miata.