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Live from Hanalei Bay… maybe

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

In a fit of last-moment planning and improvisation, we’ve decided to attempt to do a live video broadcast of our wedding ceremony from the beach in Kauai, Saturday 9/12/2009, 2pm local time (5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, 9pm Atlantic… and a half hour later in Newfoundland :-) ).

If you want to check it out, go to the page for the event.

The video should come up automatically when we start broadcasting.

The odds that we’ll actually pull this off are not great, hence the following disclaimers:

  • The ceremony may be delayed in case of rain;
  • The video broadcast stream may falter, or halt entirely; in the absence of a reliable Wi-Fi connection I’m doing this by connecting my laptop to the Internet through a tethered 3G data connection on my iPhone; the brief test I did yesterday showed it could work but who knows?
  • The camera work will probably be not good (pointing the built-in camera in my laptop without being able to see the screen may prove problematic);
  • The audio will probably be even worse (there’s wind, lots and lots of wind);
  • Even if everything else works, has been known to fall on its face for no good reason.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this works!

The next big step

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Tam and Janice Save the Date card

Janice and I are flying out tomorrow morning to Hawaiian island of Kauai, where on Saturday afternoon we’ll be holding our wedding ceremony with our families and friends.

For the most part, everything has been arranged and planned, mostly thanks to Janice’s efforts, so I have little trepidation about the upcoming nuptials. It also helps that ours will be a very small ceremony, so there’s no pressure for us to pull off some sort of major production.

Janice has once and again asked me if I’d ever dreamt of getting married and what my wedding would be like, to which my answer has been a rather vexing (to her) “no”. Maybe it’s one of those “gender gap” things but I’d never really given the wedding itself much thought. It’s made planning the details a bit easier, I suppose, because we’ve had few if any contentious issues about various details of the event.

All in all, I think that the biggest reason that I feel totally relaxed about the wedding, marriage and all that is something that I’ve come increasingly to realize: life rarely unfolds the way one expects or plans. Rather than straining to wrestle our destinies with an iron grip, I think it’s best to steer from far upstream as best we can, see how things actually turn out and adjust accordingly.

I realize of course that I’ve lived a relatively charmed life, fairly free of truly trying tests, so it remains to be seen how my philosophy will hold up in the face of adversity. One thing that has changed over the recent past is that I now have someone by my side to help me meet those challenges, come what may.